Dispute resolution

We have extensive experience in civil and commercial litigation, particularly in the field of real estate and financial law, and a successful track record of litigation concerning claims arising from construction contracts, lease and tenancy agreements, claims arising from infringement of copyright and industrial property right as well as from acts of unfair competition. Our practice also includes court proceedings involving the trustee in bankruptcy – representing both the trustee and the creditors.

When providing legal services in litigation, we pay a particular attention to pre-trial advisory. We are aware of the importance of uninterrupted business operations of our Clients, therefore we make every endeavor to find optimal solutions with regard to the business activity of the Client, including also time and costs involved. We provide our Clients with assistance not only during court proceedings, but also in mediation and arbitration proceedings.


1. Entering litigation

  • Advisory in terms of choosing the optimal strategy of pursuing claims or defending against claims
  • Preparing documents required to enter litigation by the creditor (e.g. notice of default, motion to set a conciliatory hearing, lawsuit)
  • Preparing documents necessary for the Client to defend against claims, including inter alia response to a lawsuit
  • Assistance to the Client in negotiating agreements with trade customers to reach an amicable settlement


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