What sets us apart

Striving for excellence

Only accurate and practical solutions are effective.

Adding value means that the solutions we devise are not only in compliance with international standards and best practices but also remain clear and available at all stages of a given project. We do not shy away from complexity or difficult questions. Our solutions tailored to the client’s needs are a combination of technical excellence and creativity.



Our mutual relations are based on trust, loyalty and a long-term outlook.

We have no doubt that advisers who understand their clients’ industry and specific situation can best serve businesses, whether it be start-ups or global corporations. Constant attention and decision-making, the results of which might be difficult to foresee accurately, are inseparable elements of doing business.

We undertake to deliver the foundation for making decisions based on information necessary for future planning. We do not aim to deliver products, but rather to work out solutions together, which will tangibly contribute to the client’s success.

Our organization focuses on partnership. We value individuality, diversity and support from all team members at all stages of their development. We know that a good team is worth more than just the sum of its components.


Global interdisciplinary services

Being part of Baker Tilly is not just a pledge to pursue excellence.

It also provides an opportunity to share best practices, speak in the client’s language, and clarify intricate matters to ensure clients’ peace of mind.

Comprehensive services and interlinked solutions stand for more than just an expanded line of products. They make it possible to shift the weight of coordination from the client to the adviser, increase productivity, and guarantee that standards are observed. In our opinion, this is exactly what is expected from advisory services in today’s market environment.


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