Legal support in the area of employment

The coronavirus epidemic resulted in very serious complications in the area of employment and labor law. The sudden economic downturn led to a reduced demand for work, and numerous downtimes in particular sectors of the Polish economy.

From the perspective of employers, the coming months will require adapting to the changing economic realities. It is particularly important to optimally use the measures provided for employers under the “Anti-Crisis Shield” and the special purpose act passed due to the epidemic; however, employers may also take advantage of many other solutions provided for in the Labor Code or specific acts.

Our services in the area of labor law concerning support for employers in crisis situations include, among others:

  • defining employers’ needs with respect to the solutions provided for in the anti-crisis shield,
  • assistance in obtaining subsidies provided for in the Act (downtime benefits, relations with the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS)),
  • implementation of remote work in the company, as well as the use of other forms of providing work outside the company’s premises (especially teleworking), including preparing for the change of work organization after the epidemic
  • assistance in negotiating the changes to be implemented with trade unions or workers’ representatives on the basis of the rules provided for in both the special purpose act and the Labor Code,
  • advisory on the conclusion of crisis agreements
  • reorganizing the organizational structures in order to optimize employment and adjust the work schedule to the current needs of the employer,
  • carrying out the procedure for collective or individual redundancies if necessary.

The newest regulations state that employers will be provided with further opportunities to respond to the crisis, which has hit the labor market hard and will continue to affect it for many months.

The main premises of the amendment to the Act with respect to employment-related issues concern:

  • idle-time benefit fot entrepreneurs
  • deferral of payment of ZUS contributions
  • extension of the validity period of work permits for foreigners

All of the specific regulations regarding employment-related issues are discussed in the article: Overview of the premises of the „anti-crisis shield” – employment issues


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