Enterprise restructuring

Legal support in restructuring processes

We remain at your disposal in the changing economic situation for all restructuring processes of business entities. We provide assistance in ensuring or restoring competitiveness in the market, increasing the efficiency and value of the company, optimizing business costs and succession (especially in the event of the death of an individual running a business). We provide advisory on choosing the organizational and legal form most advantageous for the nature and size of the business.

When choosing the type of restructuring and during the process, together with our partners from TPA Poland, we provide comprehensive advisory, taking into account all legal and tax aspects at every stage of proceedings, including:

  • audit of the current corporate structure,
  • verification of the legal and tax results of the restructuring,
  • drawing up appropriate restructuring documentation, i.a., transformation, division or merger plans, documentation necessary to exchange shares or make contribution,
  • preparing and carrying out the transition of enterprise or its organized part,
  • carrying our cross-border restructuring, including cross-border mergers.

Insolvency and restructuring advisory

Our legal practice also includes support in bankruptcy and restructuring proceedings. We understand how important it is to act swiftly and effectively in securing the creditor’s receivables. We also have extensive experience in providing legal advisory in the process of acquiring bankrupt’s assets from the receiver during bankruptcy proceedings. We support companies which, in the face of financial difficulties, will have to face the necessity to declare insolvency, bearing in mind that bankruptcy is not necessarily the only solution for an entrepreneur. Often, in order to respond to problems with financial liquidity, it is necessary to conduct restructuring proceedings.

The main areas in which we carry out bankruptcy advisory services and restructuring are as follows:

  • creditor representation and restructuring proceedings,
  • filing of claims and conducting related litigation
  • acquisition of enterprises and their assets under the bankruptcy and enforcement proceedings,
  • preparation of bankruptcy applications,
  • advisory to bankrupt entities as well as those during the restructuring process.

Liquidation of business entities

The need to optimize the maintenance costs of companies may lead the entrepreneur to decide to wind up the business entity. The efficient conduct of the liquidation proceedings, especially before the end of the financial year may significantly reduce the expenses of the entrepreneur.

Our support in the liquidation of business entities includes in particular:

  • shareholder representation at each stage of the liquidation proceedings,
  • advisory on termination of current activities, fulfillment of liabilities, collection of debts, liquidation of assets of the liquidated entity,
  • provision of the liquidator services.


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