Polish Living Sector 2.0

What are the most important aspects influencing the rental housing market? Are institutional investors already a standard in Poland?

The number of residential investments in Poland is growing, and with it the residential rental market. This sector is already the second largest asset class, both globally and in Europe. In Poland, it shows great potential for growth.

The report “Polish living 2.0 sector” is a summary of the most important information about the investment real estate sector for rent in Poland created by experts from TPA Poland, Baker Tilly Legal Poland and JLL.

With no recession during the 2008-2009 crisis, the Polish economy is one of the most resilient in Europe. Add to that one of the highest student populations in Europe, reaching 1.2 million, and a steady population growth in cities, and you have a thriving new rental property market.

  • What are the most important legal aspects for an institutional investor interested in entering the market?
  • What is the distribution of investment risk depending on the type of property chosen?
  • How can the investor’s interests be secured?
  • How can an investor guarantee the quality of a completed project?

More about the rental property market, legal and tax aspects of investing can be found in the report “Polish living 2.0 sector”.

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