Counselling and representation in disputes

  • Representation in court disputes related to claims under lease agreements having as subject commercial areas in shopping centres/ office buildings
  • Representation of general contractors/subcontractors in court and out-of-court proceedings regarding claims within an investment process
  • Representation of investors/general contractors in court and out-of-court proceedings regarding claims resulting from the performance bond
  • Representing contractors in proceedings against ordering party regarding remuneration for works executed within public procurement
  • Representing banks in disputes regarding mortgage loans indexed to CHF/EUR, in class action proceedings and individual cases
  • Representing banks in arbitration proceedings regarding foreign currency exchange derivatives;
  • Representing financial institutions as creditors in court and insolvency proceedings of their debtors
  • Assistance in disputes regarding compensation in connection with allegations of abuse of dominant position
  • Representation in disputes regarding intellectual property and industrial property rights
  • Representing holders of right of perpetual usufruct in cases regarding establishment of the amount of fee for the perpetual usufruct and setting expenditures


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