“Anti-crisis Shield” – protection of the energy sector, including development of RES projects

The President has signed the package of acts comprising the so-called “Anti-Crisis Shield.” Numerous amendment to the special-purpose Act of March 2, 2020 on special measures for the prevention, counteracting and combating COVID-19, other infectious diseases and crisis situations caused by them (“the Act”), which is the core of the government’s shield, will become effective. Solutions included in the aid package for enterprises also regard the protection of the energy sector in Poland, including the execution of RES projects.

The main premises of the amendment to the special-purpose Act of Marc 2, 2020 with respect to the execution of RES projects include e.g.:

  • legal mechanisms regarding the development of RSE projects,
  • extension of the deadline for the first sale of electric Energy,
  • extension of the maximum age of generating units,
  • suspension of time limits in administrative proceedings.

Author: Grzegorz Gajda

All of the specific changes  and solutions to the execution of RES projects are discussed in detail on the blog – HERE


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