Wojciech Kasprzak


Wojciech’s experience includes primarily commercial companies law, commercial contract law and handling of capital transactions within groups of companies, as well as transactions with the participation of third parties.

He took part in mergers, transformations and divisions of companies, preparing due diligence reports and reorganization of groups of companies. As part of his practice, he also performed tasks in the field of labor law, balance sheet law and representation of clients in the course of court proceedings.

He studied law at the Faculty of Law and Administration of Adam Mickiewicz University. Currently he is the third-year trainee attorney-at-law at the Poznań Bar Association of Attorneys-at-Law. In our Law Firm he will be responsible for reorganization processes, as well as transactional and regulatory advisory.

Wojciech is fluent in english.

Contact: wojciech.kasprzak@bakertilly.pl


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